A1 Life Science

A1 Life Sciences aims to gather global Life Sciences professionals ranging from academic researchers, industry specialists and routine healthcare officials in one pot and transform this power into producing smart and reliable IVD & research tools, products and complete laboratory solutions that are available on a global scale.

Genz Biyoteknoloji

Genz is a spin-off biotech company from one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. we are work to develop innovative biotechnology solutions to create affordable and accessible genetic tests that are a trusted source for early diagnosis and personalized therapy.


In 1999, we started our journey with valuable caring to people, life and science. Since then; We develop patient-specific tests even for a single patient, and participate in diagnosis and treatment development of genetic diseases. We always are trying to increase awareness on rare diseases, not only in TURKEY, but also throughout the whole world. We teach everything we know to anyone who wants to learn.



We aim to encourage studies on the diagnosis of the disease, its different forms and treatment methods, to contribute to the researches, and to help patients easily access the treatment methods developed with these researches.


In Turkey, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Scleroderma, Eisenmenger Syndrome, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, Lung Transplant and Heart-Lung Transplant diseases are recognized in all aspects, and by collaborating with organizations established by other countries and organizations established with international participation for this purpose, we have been cooperating with organizations that have been established with international participation and organizations that have suffered from this life. to raise their quality and awareness to universal criteria.


SMA patients in our country; It carries out activities to ensure its active participation in community life and to support all kinds of activities for the benefit of sick individuals.


It was established in order to contribute to the development and education of healthcare professionals, to make efforts to make the health system the best health system in the world, to realize the purpose of developing the society not only in the health system but also in all areas, to train itself and to develop itself.

behçet derneği

The association was established with the aim of ensuring the activation and development of civil society activities that will provide financial and moral support to patients with all kinds of organizations to be created for patient rights and treatment of the disease, and to support individuals and organizations working on this issue.


As Rare Diseases Network, our aim is to share our solution suggestions with health authorities; To form the basis of the legal legislation, to increase the treatment opportunities, to benefit the newly diagnosed individuals and to bring the individuals with rare diseases to the society by increasing their quality and life.

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