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Rare Disease Challenge

It is known that there are more than 7000 rare diseases in the world. Treatment of many of these diseases caused by genetic problems is not available today. When these and such problems are observed, our RaDiChal founding director Dr. Cihan Taştan seek for a way out to individuals with rare diseases and to lead different studies in order to find a cure.

RaDiChal start up organizes international competitions for university teams, aiming to develop novel gene therapies for the thousands of the rare diseases.

RaDiChal is a HiDNA initiative platform. HiDNA Biotechnology Inc. is an Uskudar University Brainpark Business Incubation Center Initiative.



Rare Disease Challenge 2023 international intercollegiate rare disease genetic therapy competition.

RaDiChal'21 Champions

       Champion of EB Teams

       RaDiChal’21 Champion 

      Champion of CF Teams

       Champion of FMF Teams


Epidermolyis bulloza
Cystic fibrosis
Familial Mediterranean Fever

RaDiChal'20 Champions

       Champion of GSD Teams

       RaDiChal’20 Champion 

      Champion of SMA Teams

       Champion of FA Teams


Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Glycogen Storage Disease
Friedreich's Ataxia

Latest news

DoktorClub Award
DoktorClub Award
RaDiChal in the Bilim Hareketi

We celebrated our feast with RaDiChallenge teams on the subject of innovation and cooperation in the celebration program held on the 19th May Atatürk Commemoration, Youth and Sports Festival on the Bilim Hareketi YouTube channel.

Instagram live broadcast with Gen-Arel

We talked with Arel University Gen-Arel Club about the rare diseases genetic treatment competition RaDiChal (Rare Disease Challenge). Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many curious questions were found in the online event.

We were at the International Biotechnology Congress

We will be at the International Biotechnology Congress, which took place in the Ottoman Archive Complex, between the dates of 5-7 March. After the presentation, we introduced our RaDiChal contest.

Nadire (!) Dair
Nadire (!) Dair

BEEO, one of the RaDiChal competition teams, will talk with I. Emre Yağmur about rare diseases and glycogen storage disease moderated by Kardelen Gökçen.

Patient and disease psychology

Regenes team, one of the RaDiChal competition teams, is organizing a nice event with Psychologist Cansu Taş in order to better understand the individuals struggling with the ailments and their relatives. The event will be on YouTube channels on Saturday, July 18 at 8.00 pm.

Will young Turkish researchers find the treatment of diseases that no one can cure?

Timeless team, one of the RaDiChal contest teams, together with the False Pozitif team, released their podcast on rare diseases and glycogen storage disease. More Details: Spotify Podcast YouTube

Glycomisses Talks

Glycomisses team which is one of the RaDiChal competition teams talked together with Prof. Dr. Kamil Yalçın Polat about the liver activity of glycogen storage disease.

About RaDiChal 2020


RaDiChal 2020

Rare Disease Challenge (RaDiChal) inter-university rare diseases genetic treatment competition in the first year of its establishment:

Rare Diseases in RaDiChal'2020
Teams in RaDiChal'2020
Contestants in RaDiChal'2020
RaDiChal 21