Familial Mediterranean Fever

RaDiChal’21 Finalist

eEXON sPLİCİNG by Knock-In Method Usıng Phytssilogical Promoter In ömefv gene

Team Members

Ayşenur SAYGILI - FMF16E Team radichal


I’m Ayşenur Saygılı. I am a molecular biology and genetics master degree student at İnönü University. I have 2 years of experience in rare diseases and cancer studies. I took part as a researcher in the project of developing antibodies against Covid 19 (2020/Tübitak). My field of study is gene therapy in rare diseases and cancer. I am the editor of GENIUSCIENCE magazine. I have a science channel called “dnaysenurna” on Youtube.





Betül ÇAKMAK - FMF16E Team radichal


I’m Betül ÇAKMAK. I graduated from Ayten YILMAZ Anatolian Health Vocational High School in 2017 as a nurse. I have been an undergraduate student at İnönü University, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics since 2018. I have always loved science and production. I work as a research student with Dr. Canbolat GÜRSES at my school. At my school, I am a member of the Journal Club, where we actively discuss articles on various topics every week. In the future, the subjects I would like to be interested in are cell culture studies and DNA repair mechanism.


Kübra MAÇ - FMF16E Team radichal

Kübra MAÇ

I am a 3rd year undergraduate student of Molecular Biology and Genetics at İnönü University. I’ve always been interested in academic lab work. I’m a member of my department’s Journal club and I do research. We’ve been in the process of a pandemic for a long time, although I haven’t had internship experience, I’ve spent that process efficiently taking online courses. Although my interest is not entirely obvious, neuroscience attracts my attention more.



Sena KIZILBOĞA - FMF16E Team radichal


I’m Sena KIZILBOGA. I am a 3rd year student of Molecular Biology and Genetics at İnönü University. I have been a member of the Junior Biologist group created by the Turkish Biologists Association for 1 year. In the future, I would like to work on this topic as cell signaling pathways interest me.