Cystic Fibrosis


Silver Medal

Ex Vivo Cell Therapy Project of CRISPR HDR Based CFTR Correction on iPSCs with Differentiation to Pulmonary Ionocytes

Team Members

Gizem Gülfidan Yıldız - CysMode RaDiChal

Gizem Gülfidan YILDIZ

I graduated from Department of Bioengineering in Marmara University. Currently, I am a PhD student in Marmara University Bioengineering doctorate program. I have studied on protein-protein interaction networks for identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and development of novel therapeutic agents in human cancers by utilizing systems biology approaches. In my thesis, I aimed to predict potential biomarkers and therapeutics in human cancers with multi-omics data integration methods through machine learning approaches.




Özge Önlütürk - CysMode RaDiChal


I graduated from Molecular Biology and Genetics Departmant at Gebze Technical University in 2017. My master thesis was about obesity and type 2 diabetes related single nucleotide polymorphisms at Medeniyet University. Now, I am a first year PhD student at Bioengineering Department, Marmara University. During my PhD, I would like to focus on obesity and obesity related diseases in the concept of multiomics approaches to discover new drugs and therapies.


Esra Yıldırım - CysMode RaDiChal


I am a 2nd-year master student at Marmara University, Department of Bioengineering. I am interested in System Biology and Drug Repositioning areas. I have a 2210-C TUBITAK project for my thesis titled “Network-based integration of multi-omic profiles to purpose new biomarker candidates in pancreatic cancer” under the supervision of Dr. Beste Turanlı. My goals as a researcher are to contribute to the development and efficiency of novel therapeutic agents for cancer diseases.



Muhammed Fatih Kırcalı - CysMode RaDiChal

Muhammed Fatih KIRCALI

I am a fourth grade double-major student of School of Medicine and Faculty of Engineering Bioengineering Department at Marmara University. I have studied on molecular signatures predicting prognosis in breast cancer. For future, I am eager to combine engineering and medical practices to advance on translational medicine field.


Dilan Yılmaz - CysMode RaDiChal

Dilan Nisa YILMAZ

I am currently a senior at the Bioengineering Department of Marmara University. During my last year, I worked on the prediction of Androgenetic Alopecia’s physiological biomarkers by using a meta-analytical approach as my graduation thesis with the supervision of Asst. Prof. Beste Turanlı. Besides that, I had the chance to study Alzheimer’s Disease at the University of Oulu and, I am currently working on antibiotic resistance at the Chalmers University of Technology as a summer intern. As I have progressed through my education, academic classes, laboratory works and experiments, and with my internships, I have grown an interest especially towards systems biology and immunology.