Rare Disease Challenge (RaDiChal) is an inter-university rare disease genetic treatment competition.

It is known that there are more than 7000 rare diseases in the world. Treatment of many of these diseases caused by genetic problems is not availabletoday. When these and such problems are observed, our RaDiChal founding director Dr.Cihan Taştan  seek for a way out toindividuals with rare diseases and to lead different studies in order to find a cure. RaDiChal startup organizes international competitions for university teams, aiming todevelop novel gene therapies for the thousands of the rare diseases.


As Rare Disease Challange (RaDiChal), undergraduate, graduate or PhD students who will design genetic treatments for rare disease individuals are our target audience. We set out with the belief that there is hope for every disease, of course, there is a cure for every disease.


It is our aim not to include the word “disease” in people with rare diseases and to make them aware that they are rare people. For this reason, it is our ultimate vision to expand genetic treatments with the most important technology of the 21st century in our country, to develop domestic and value added gene therapy products and to create experienced manpower in this field.


No, RaDiChal is completely independent.